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“Pet” Review – By Zakk Thomas


 Pet 2016

Everyone has had a crush, right? Someone that they admire from afar and think the world of.  Some would even go as far as to think that fate would someday bring them together. Quite a naïve thought, but you never know! With those tidbits in mind, I bring a review of the film “Pet”

Meet Seth. Seth works in an animal control center and feels that he does not matter much in life. Not much of a purpose or direction and even goes as far as to think that nobody would really care if he were to disappear forever. One afternoon, he runs into an old crush (Holly) on the bus he rides for work and decides to try and start a conversation. I think we all can relate to the awkward, “hey! It’s (insert name) from Mrs. Smith’s such and such class” conversation that most dread and that’s precisely what happens. Seth becomes obsessive and begins stalking her online profiles and notes “likes” and “dislikes”. Things progressively get more intense and Seth ends up kidnapping Holly using a sedative he takes from work. Being the gentleman that he is, he tests the sedative himself to make sure it is effective. Where does Seth put Holly after the kidnapping? In a human sized cage used from old parts that the control center had laying around which he fused together himself. Seth’s primary goal in all of this is to save Holly, thus giving him purpose in life once again. Let the mind games begin!

Pet 2

This would have to be one of the more difficult movies to review as of late because it is hard to do so without adding any spoilers. Having said that, I really enjoyed the twists and turns this movie included and it really had me on the edge of my seat thinking about what was going to happen next. The character’s progression throughout the film was very well done and it had you feeling for each of them at any given point. I mean, who hasn’t felt worthless or betrayed at times? Director Carles Torrens does a great job of keeping the viewer involved with only minor changes in the film’s setting. I’d recommend Pet to anyone who is looking for a good thriller that really makes you think about how fragile the human psyche truly is and how little you can actually tell about someone just by looking at them. Hint: looks are deceiving and the mind is a VERY fragile thing.


Skull Rating: Skull for reviewsSkull for reviewsSkull for reviewsSkull for reviews/5

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Spiritus (2017)- A Review By Tony Roca


LC Holt

Hello Freaks!

It’s your favorite fiend, The Dead Body Man! I’ve crept from my coffin to bring you another feral film review! In this installment I will be telling you all about L.C Holt’s inaugral film- “SPIRITUS”. A slow burning tale of a spectres revenge and learning your actions have consequences…even beyond the grave!

So Freaks, grab a beer and some popcorn as we dive into another review!

Oh and if you find a diary, please return it to me…

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The Autopsy Of Jane Doe (2016)- A Review By Tony Roca

Hello Freaks!

It’s The Dead Body Man! I’m here with another riveting review! I’ve crawled from my casket to tell you about a little film I came across. What vile, vibrant, violent visual could pull me from my sleep? Why a little film about one of my favorite things Freaks…a corpse!

Today I will be reviewing  André Øvredal’s  “The Autopsy Of Jane Doe”.  A story about death, and magic, and punishment. So grab a beer and some popcorn, grab your favorite blanket to cower under, and dive in!

Oh and do listen for any bells.

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The Neon Demon (2016) A Review By Tony Roca

Hey Freaks! The Dead Body Man is back to shoot you…another review! I know it’s been awhile but I finally finished the renovations to the basement and now I can fit twice the dead hookers! Lets keep that between us yeah?

Down to business. I’ll be reviewing Nicolas Winding Refn’s film “The Neon Demon”. It’s art, it’s fame, debauchery and death! So Freaks, grab a beer and some popcorn and your favorite ez-chair and let’s dive in!

Oh, and don’t feed the models.

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May (2002)- A Review by Tony Roca

Hello Freaks! I’m baaaaaaack. It’s been awhile but I’m here again with a new review for y’all. This time I will be reviewing Luck McKee’s 2002 film “May”. This was a suggested movie from someone in our wonderful Facebook group. If you haven’t yet-check it out here:


So Freaks, grab a beer, some popcorn and kick back on your favorite piece of furniture (try to ignore that doll in your room) and join me as I review…“May”

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Lights Out: A Review By Tony Roca



Hello again Freaks! That’s right, I’m baaaaaack. I thought I would take a break from the classics and review something newer for you. I also wanted to see what was out there for 2016 that I hadn’t seen. I was somewhat familiar with the concept of Lights Out as I had seen the short film that was released in 2013:

You can watch it here.

I have to say at the time I wasn’t all that impressed and I ignored it. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon the full length film. Even then I let it sit for a few hours before I dove in. So Freaks, grab some popcorn and beer, turn on all the lights and check your flashlight batteries. Here, we, go…

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Ekimmu: The Dead Lust DVD Release!

Hey, FREAKS! A while back we had the chance to screen an amazing indie horror film Ekimmu/The Dead Lust and we fell in love with the film. The film follows a young couple that have a strange encounter with a girl seeking help on the side of the road. After that, strange things start to happen….but everything isn’t always as it seems. Your sins will find you.

The thing we like most about The Dead Lust is its not your generic horror film. It makes you think, and keeps you questioning throughout the whole movie. We at HMF agree it is one of the best lowbuget horror films we have ever seen.

Not to mention the history behind the production of this film is one of the most inspirational stories I have heard. The creator of the film Andy Koontz was diagnosed with brain cancer during the production of the film. That didn’t stop him. He took time for his treatment, but stayed didicated to seeing this project through. That’s exactly what he did!

After gettting to know Andy a little when we heard about the film, and then screening the film, talking a lot and having him join us on a podcast. It is truly an honor for us to announce that after all the hard work, the pitfalls of filming a low budget movie, the struggles of battling cancer, and staying strong and determined to complete this movie, it is finally here! Ekimmu: The Dead Lust is now avalible for limited release on DVD!

We are proud of you Andy, and wish you the very best!

You can Find the DVD by going the the Official Ekimmu Site HERE


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A Nightmare on Elm Street: Classic VS Remake By Tony Roca

“When I arrived at the interview, I smeared some cigarette ash under my eyes to make them look sunken. I popped the hood of my car and pulled the dipstick and ran some engine oil through my blonde curls to make my hair flat and thin. I can be a bit of a motor mouth, I tend to talk a lot. But when I got in the room with Wes, I just stared at him.”
Hello freaks! I’m baaaack. It’s time for another VS review! This time, It’s Wes Craven’s 1984 slasher “A Nightmare On Elm Street” up against Samuel Bayer’s 2010 remake. So grab your sweater and your favorite fedora, a beer and some popcorn, and your best glove (knives optional). Let’s get down to business.

First up,

A Nightmare On Elm Street- Wes Craven 1984

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New film”Hybristophilia” Wrap Party!

Hello FREAKS! The wrap party for the upcoming horror film “Hybristophilia” will be happening later this week on Oct 27th at Flapper’s Comedy Club in Burbank, CA! If you get a chance to attend, it should be a great time hanging out with the cast and crew.

If you haven’t heard about the film yet, please click the links in this post and read on for some pics and info on the movie!


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