• Spoiler-free review of Cherokee Creek – a film initially deemed “too offensive” by Amazon!

    Spoiler-free review of Cherokee Creek – a film initially deemed “too offensive” by Amazon!

      CHEROKEE CREEK (2018) by: Stephen Ingves   Runtime: 112 min Genre: Comedy, Horror Written, Directed, Produced & Edited by: Todd Jenkins Starring: Todd Jenkins & Billy Blair        Holy flying cocks in a cooler!!… In this particular context that was a well deserved compliment after just finishing and enjoying the horror comedy Cherokee Creek, […]

  • “Embodyment” Comic Review

    “Embodyment” Comic Review

    I sat down and read the first issue of Dan Emerson’s “Embodyment”. Dan is a playwrite and the writer for the upcoming HMF Productions short film “Silent Breath”. “Embodyment”is an Sci-Fi/Horror Indie comic book that Dan has written and published himself. The art is done by Vasilis Saroglou and it has a life all its […]

  • The Predator (2018) Short Review

    The Predator (2018) Short Review

    I went into this movie knowing that it was steeped in the lore of the previous Predator Films (AVP not counted here). In that, I was happy. The Predators looked good and we got to see even more of their tech and so forth than we usually do. However, that’s where it ends on the […]

  • Halloween (2018) review – Spoiler Free

    Halloween (2018) review – Spoiler Free

    HALLOWEEN (2018)   by: Stephen Ingves       Well I literally just left the theater not more than 30 minutes ago from seeing 2018’s Halloween and I’m still soaking in what I just saw. I made sure to watch the ’78 original last night along with H2O for comparisons sake due to Laurie’s battle with Michael being showcased […]

  • Heartless – horror short review

    Heartless – horror short review

      HEARTLESS (2018) A Film By Sunshine Boy Production Co.   by: Stephen Ingves   Be still my beating heart! I love receiving a film recommendation and not only having it live up to the hype but actually surpassing it. Such is the case with the horror short Heartless which is based upon the timeless classic “The Tell […]