• HMF Film Fest 2018!

    HMF Film Fest 2018!

    HELLO FREAKS!!! We are so proud to announce the first annual Horror Movie Freaks Film Fest 2018, which will be held on Oct. 6th 2018. All of us at HMF have been huge horror fans all of our lives, and two years ago we decided to start a little site called Horror Movie Freaks. Since […]

  • Werewolves: From Myth to the Silver Screen

    Werewolves: From Myth to the Silver Screen

    Our nightmares are filled with creatures of the night, yet few are more terrifying than the primal Lycanthrope, or Werewolf. Stories of the shape shifting beasts have been around since as early as 1 AD, if not earlier. It is widely accepted that the first appearance of a werewolf was in “The Epic of Gilgamesh”, […]

  • Review of “Ivy” by Itai Guberman

    Review of “Ivy” by Itai Guberman

    I return with another offering from Australian-Israeli director, Itai Guberman, the man who gave us the amazing short films “Dolphin” and “Third Temple”. He dropped a new gem in my lap with “Ivy”. A fantastic short that brilliantly combines several genres seamlessly together. I wish i could go further into these, but that would give […]

  • Horror Short: Violet

    Horror Short: Violet

    Horror Movie Freaks most recent addition to its Indie Showcase Horror Short: Violet   “A short slasher film about a psychotic girl,  seeking revenge on her boyfriend.”   Written, Directed by and Starring: Brent Curry & Lauren Cardiff     For more please follow on twitter at @BrentLaurenfilm    

  • Rise of the Living Dead

    Rise of the Living Dead

    Halloween Night 2017, We were given an update on his Facebook page by Cameron Romero, son of the great George A. Romero, about a new film he is preparing to make. A prequel to the 1968 classic “Night of the Living Dead”, appropriately titled “Rise of the Living Dead”. George himself had said that the […]