• Halloween (2018) review – Spoiler Free

    Halloween (2018) review – Spoiler Free

    HALLOWEEN (2018)   by: Stephen Ingves       Well I literally just left the theater not more than 30 minutes ago from seeing 2018’s Halloween and I’m still soaking in what I just saw. I made sure to watch the ’78 original last night along with H2O for comparisons sake due to Laurie’s battle with Michael being showcased […]

  • Heartless – horror short review

    Heartless – horror short review

      HEARTLESS (2018) A Film By Sunshine Boy Production Co.   by: Stephen Ingves   Be still my beating heart! I love receiving a film recommendation and not only having it live up to the hype but actually surpassing it. Such is the case with the horror short Heartless which is based upon the timeless classic “The Tell […]

  • Review: Who’s Watching Oliver

    Review: Who’s Watching Oliver

      Hello, FREAKS! Josh here for another film review. I just had the chance to check out the film Who’s Watching Oliver. This film is directed by Richie Moore and stars Russell Geoffrey Banks & Sara Malakul Lane. Synopsis Who’s watching Oliver tells the story of a mentally unstable loner lost in a life forced […]

  • Family Game Night – review

    Family Game Night – review

      Family Game Night (2018)   by: Stephen Ingves   Genre: horror, comedy, short (11:54) Director: Nick Ferwerda Producer: Mark Brombacher Written by: Ali Chappell (creator) & Jon Kohan   “Family Game Night” begins with what appears to be the “all American family” complete with the familiar family and parental struggles. Trying to get the entire family together at the […]

  • SILENT BREATH (2018)

    SILENT BREATH (2018)

    Hello, FREAKS! Just wanted to release a little teaser for our upcoming film #SilentBreath! I would also like to announce the first member of the cast. Landon Parrish will play one of the lead roles in the film! Keep any eye out as this projects moves forward. Written by Dan Emerson Directed by Josh Mabe […]