Review of “The Plague”

Review by: Amanda Blake of Horror Movie Freaks

Directed by: Emir Skalonja


So, you’re hanging out as you normally would, it’s just another day. Or is it? Maybe some kind of plague has infested without you knowing about it? Flesh hungry, deteriorating beings, may change your mind on that! You follow a small group that comes together, you have a boyfriend and girlfriend, that meets up with a brother and sister eventually. They end up having to work together as a team to survive. You also see someone that may be a church priest? Or is he just a religious nut? 

This movie was pretty awesome. It was shot well, realistic and even included some humor between siblings. No one ever gets along with their siblings, so this gave a majorly realistic view on sibling rivalry/relationship. The boyfriend and girlfriend team seem to be a couple that enjoy mercenary work together. What’s a relationship without killing some people?

The plagued/zombies looked awesome. I really loved how the makeup was not overdone, the growling effects showed a side that was actually very unnerving, in a great way.  I also enjoyed the way they moved. They were very creepy and very intimidating. You could see how mindless and hungry they were. 

The actors and actresses in the movie had some great roles too. You had the one in every movie that you could not wait to see their death, the siblings that always seemed to argue, and the couple where the guy did all the dirty, heavy work.

The dialogue in this movie was great! The brother and sister banter was funny and realistic. There’s even some political fun which gave it a more updated feel. This movie was not over-filled with dialogue and there was plenty of action to go around. I really enjoyed this one!

The last thing I really enjoyed on this movie was the music. The suspenseful music was in just the right place at the right times. For me, the suspense built up with the music matched just right is a big thing.  This had it spot on and kept me on the edge.

I give this one an 8/10! Make sure to catch this movie!

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