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Hello FREAKS! Welcome to the main site of the best horror group on Facebook. We are extremely proud to bring this site to you as we grow and expand our reaches in the horror community. We couldn’t have done it without your support, so from the bottom of our dark little hearts here at HMF, we thank you!

Now, if you will hit that Read More button I will explain some of our features and what we have instore for the future of HMF.

  • As you look around the site you will notice a podcast section. The podcast is in preproduction right now and we will be releasing the first episode as soon as we can so please keep an eye out! We are looking to have a weekly official HMF podcast, along with a review show airing separately in the week so we can go into a little more detail.  Also, we will be doing news cast periodically when we get a chance to cover a horror event with video interviews.
  • Next is the gallery section. This is a real-time view of the HMF Instagram page, which we hope you will follow. We will keep it updated with new pics as much as we can, especially when covering a horror event.
  • You may be wondering what “Horror Finder” is. Well that is a place that you can go when you are trying to remember the name of a movie you saw a long time ago, or a book, or anything really that’s horror related. Just give a description of what you remember and  we will do our best to find the answer you are looking for. Sadly though at the moment, Horror Finder isn’t working with smartphones, and we are working on that for you. Until then, if you are looking for answers about a horror question, please feel free to join our Closed Group on Facebook. You can find the link to the left in our menu bar. We have thousands of die hard horror freaks that are more than willing to help you find what you are looking for.
  • We also have a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. You can find the links to the right of this post, or on a smart phone they will be floating above or below it. Please follow and like us. We would greatly appreciate it.


Once again, thank you! Welcome to HORROR-MOVIE-FREAKS.COM!!!

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