The Birth of Change: Trinity Studios L.L.C. and the Future of Film

At the beginning of October, just a few days after Scarefest, production began on a film titled “The Rave”. This offering of film came from Matthew Ward for his second film as director. The set for this film brought together not only Matthew Ward, but Logan Smith, Michael Junkin and Amber Junkin. Through this film, they created a bond. This bond would lead them into the creation of not just a film studio, but the first one to ever be based in Kentucky. Trinity Studios L.L.C..


While their first love is horror, this studio will produce much more than that. Films of every genre, commercials, music videos and maybe one day animated productions. Having known Michael for over a decade and Matthew Ward for the better part of one, I already knew how dedicated they are. The two I’ve just recently met (Amber and Logan), have already shown their dedication ten fold. This studio is being run by people who love film and want to see it grow.


Along with Trinity Studios, there is the continuing growth of a movement called “New Hollywood”. Independent filmmakers and studios who are trying to push original content. Content that Hollywood tends to overlook for more derivative films. You can only crank out the same stuff for so long before people get sick of it and look for something new and fresh. “New Hollywood” needs to keep growing and needs to get more notice to itself. Trinity Studios will help do just that. Not only for New Hollywood, but for the film industry that is growing in Kentucky. Now with a state based studio to work with, it’ll be even easier for Filmmakers to bring their projects to Kentucky.


Why film in Kentucky? You have such a wide range of areas to use. Everything from small towns, to countless miles of forest. There are dedicated people in most areas who will work any and every job a film set could have. There is now access to a film studio and  dedicated people, for local, national and international filmmakers.


If you would like to get in touch with Trinity Studios for business inquiries, reach out to

Amber Junkin



**Note: At the time of writing, Trinity Studios, is still building their Social Media presence, so links to the website, Facebook and Twitter will be announced as soon as they become available.

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