Islamic Exorcist by Scott Lake

Occasionally we find a film that is willing to travel to the darker parts of religious belief and this film is no different. Islamic Exorcist is one of the creepiest films I have seen in a while. While it isn’t like the 1973 American film The Exorcist, it still finds a family under attack from a demonic force. Directed by Mumbai, India Native, Faisal Saif, this Faith Pictures film dives into Exorcism, but not as Western audiences know it. We get a look into the world of the Exorcist in Islam. A look into a part of Islam that is known by few Westerners, I’m sure.

The film centers around stars, Nirab Hossain, Meera and Kavita Radheshyam as the adopted family struck by the terror of the demonic force as it has attached itself to the adopted daughter. What follows is the path of torment and terror that this family must go through. It displays some of the creepiest imagery I have seen in a while involving an exorcism film. In all honesty I can’t really find anything negative to say about this film. The talent is solid, the cinematography is beautiful and the direction is on point.

It is certainly a film I look forward to having in my collection as soon as a physical copy reaches my hands. I went into this film as a person currently learning about Islam and Muslim culture, this film not only entertained me but I felt as though I learned more about Islam, even if it is a darker portion. If you are a fan of possession films or you’re just someone looking for something different, Islamic Exorcist is a great film to view. I personally recommend it.

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