Review of “Ivy” by Itai Guberman

I return with another offering from Australian-Israeli director, Itai Guberman, the man who gave us the amazing short films “Dolphin” and “Third Temple”. He dropped a new gem in my lap with “Ivy”. A fantastic short that brilliantly combines several genres seamlessly together. I wish i could go further into these, but that would give away so much of the film’s atmosphere. I’m afraid it would take away from your experience.
“Ivy” is a short film that centers on the  journey of a man trying to cope with something he simply doesn’t want to face, and really, who could blame him?
The cast of characters Itai assembled for this short are fantastic and absolutely make “Ivy” outstanding. Itai has an eye for talent, for sure. He also has an eye for great shots, which “Ivy” is loaded with, and the music compliments each scene perfectly. The music gives us an added bonus. It tells its own side of the story if you listen closely enough.
The aspects of this short, when picked apart, could let you make this film in several different ways, however, the blending of these aspects gives an awesome story that I couldn’t see happening in any other way. “Ivy” is a must see and marks another fantastic offering from Itai Guberman. It will be part of a larger overall project when it gets its full release, but until then, look for it to hit a film festival near you. Its worth the effort.  Be sure to check out his other shorts, “Dolphin” and “Third Temple” (both of which are in Hebrew with English subtitles, but don’t worry, “Ivy” is fully in English. No need to read this one.).
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