The Cast of Hybristophilia pt 2 of 2

The Cast of Hybristophilia pt 2/2


by: Stephen Ingves


Directed by: Romane Simon

Written by: Rhonnie Fordham

Lucky Strike Films Studio LLC

     Thank you all so much for returning to the second portion of this article and helping us celebrate the team behind Hybristophilia and all their hard work. We will continue to showcase the spectacular cast Romane Simon has brought together as we did in part one where we featured Quinton Aaron, Lilian Lev and Massi Furlan. As mentioned Romane is a man of quality and he did not hold back as he assembled this fabulous cast which he knew would perfectly fulfill and bring to fruition his vision for this film.

     As we know the film involves an ambitious news team seeking their big break. This manifests itself by the team agreeing to interview a serial killer known as The Sleepy Stalker for the individuals propensity for attacking small towns. Their willingness to interview the serial killer in an old barn makes it fairly obvious that they are willing to achieve this fame by virtually any means necessary. The team discovers that the farmhouse was not only the site of a grisly murder-suicide some 30 years prior, but that it’s also believed the spirits there continue to make their presence knownIs our team in over their heads?…possibly, but they are not about to miss out on their chance for an exclusive with an at large serial killer! 


     To pick up where we left off, it’s my pleasure to introduce the immensely talented Sadie Katz! She plays the role of Celeste, who is the team’s guest psychologist. Due to her expertise and knowledge in her field, she is there to study the serial killer’s behavior and if possible what drives this individual to carry out such heinous crimes.

     Sadie is a triple threat as an actress, a member of the Writers Guild of America and a director in Los Angeles. She has practically done it all in the industry with 38 credits as an actress, 2 as a writer, 2 more as a producer and 1 as a director. As evident Sadie has remained extremely busy and she can be found in 2012’s cult classic “Nipples and Palm Trees” as the complex character Harmony. Some of Sadie’s other work she is known for includes her starring role as Sirah in the thriller House of Badwhich received rave reviews from Fangoria, Dread Central & Shock til you Drop. Later in 2013 Sadie displayed her versatility by playing the sweet and sensitive leading lady Gia in Chavez: Cage of Glory alongside Danny Trejo and Steven Bauer. 

     2014 was a big year for Sadie. She penned the screenplay for Scornedstarring AnnaLynne McCord & Billy Zane. Then in Oct Sadie starred in the 6th installment of the very popular and successful horror franchise Wrong Turnas the twisted and sexy Sally Hillicker. 2015 rolled around and she continued cruising right along playing the lead role of Deanna in Lifetime’s The Haunting of Deanna Simpson.  Her career continued hot as can be in 2016 when she played the goddess Ishtar in the remake of the classic horror Blood Feast opposite talent the likes of Caroline Williams, Sophie Monk & Robert Rusler. Sadie costarred alongside Academy Award nominee June Squibb and Sean Maher in the highly anticipated short The Visitfrom writer/director Romina Schwedler which received “Best Directed Short” at the Burbank International Film Festival.

     Sadie also recently finished writing, directing, producing & starring as herself in 2016’s documentary The Bill Murray Experience. Sadie Katz also has several projects coming up in 2017 and 2018, so keep an eye out for them and enjoy her amazing work that is to come right around the corner. You can keep up to date on her work and career on Twitter @sadie_katz


     Next we are thrilled to feature Jenna Willis, who’s character Mary Lee is the hot-shot host and journalist of the news team looking to advance her career with this exclusive interview with The Sleepy StalkerMary Lee also happens to be in a relationship with the news teams director Tommy (Quinton Aaron).

     A native of New Jersey, Jenna has been involved in numerous short films, television series, made for T.V. movies and feature films totaling 43 credits as an actress. She has also been credited twice for her stunt work on two episodes of the television series Heroine Legends in 2013. She was credited for her role as a Producer on the comedy/drama Fishbowl Californiawhich is in pre-production with filming set to begin in spring of 2017. Jenna has also appeared as herself in popular television series such as Vanderpump Rules, Good Day L.A. along with others which demonstrates how busy & in demand Jenna has been.

     Jenna received her training as a SAG & AFTRA actress at Ivana Chubbuck Studios, The Actors Spot-Patrick Malone and The Upright Citizens Brigade. She put much of this training on display in 2005 on Criminal Minds as well as the highly touted 2016 anthology series The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. There she portrayed Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister Tanya in seven episodes of the well made & popular television series.

     Some of the other work she is recognized for includes 2013’s Awesomeness TV where she played Miss White for 3 episodes which is based on the hit YouTube channel containing funny skits and more.  As well as her role as Amy Gibb on Criminal Minds in 2016Jenna also has work currently in pre or post production that is set to be released in 20172018 so be ready and enjoy her work as it is releasedYou can follow and keep up to date on Jenna’s upcoming projects on Twitter @MsJennaWillis


     The next talent we are excited to profile is Alexander Man. Alex’s character Chris is the sound guy with the news crew. He possesses a slightly quirky personality who loves comic books & who happened to accept this job with the news team as a side gig.

     Alexander has considerable experience working with Romane Simon and the two have developed a distinct chemistry. He worked with Romane on the film Life of GiaRomane was the director, author & screenwriter as well as the producer and it was based on the true story of an eight yr old girl who lost her family in a car accident. At a young age Gia is forced to live with her Aunt who succumbs to cancer and she then does her best to take care of her gravely ill grandmother. Gia is determined to find work & create a life of pride and dignity. However along the way she is vulnerable to mistreatment and is exposed to heartless inhumanities. Alexander Man’s riveting performance in Life of Gia ensured his win of “Best Actor” at The Hollywood Film Festival.

     Alex is also known for his role as Agent Cole in Romane’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith  The Series as well as a police officer in Romane Simon’s horror feature Voodoo: Retribution. Alexander Man also took on the role of Mike Simmons in Chris Moss’s drama/thriller A Clique, which is in post-production and was finally reunited with Romane Simon to work together on Hybristophilia.

     A couple of the other prominent cast featured in this film are Iyad Hajjaj from “Madam Secretary” and “Dream I Never Had”. Also important to mention is Brooklyn Robinson, who at only 7 years old has appeared in 3 feature length films…has shot several short films as well as T.V. pilots and national television commercials!

     With Hybristophilia being described as kind of The Shining meets Silence of the Lambs with a cross of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and possessing such an accomplished & extensive cast….horror fans will be practically dying of anticipation for this film!

     As we mentioned in the first part of this article, Hybristophilia is set to premiere March 30th at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theater on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills. Purchase your tickets in advance for only $15 or $25 at the door and enjoy the celebrity red carpet arrival at 6pm! The movie showing is at 7:30p and you don’t want to forget about the after partyYou are encouraged to visit Hybristophilia’s  Facebook and IMDb pages via the links provided below to read more about the film, its wonderful cast and enjoy some great behind the scenes pics! Then click on the Facebook events link or Movie Premiere image to purchase your tickets!  Please consider supporting all of the Hybristophilia’s team’s hard work and as always remember to #SupportIndieFilm


A couple behind the scenes pics of the above mentioned cast:

Want to see what has Celeste (Sadie Katz) so terrified?...join us at the premiere of Hybristophilia!
Want to see what has Celeste (Sadie Katz) so terrified?…join us at the premiere of Hybristophilia!


Is Mary Lee (Jenna Willis) sure this is a good idea? Join us and check out Hybristophilia to find out!
Is Mary Lee (Jenna Willis) sure this is a good idea? Join us and check out Hybristophilia to find out!


You will have to see the film to see how things turn out for Chris (Alexander Man)
You will have to see the film to see how things turn out for Chris (Alexander Man)

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