“Embodyment” Comic Review

I sat down and read the first issue of Dan Emerson’s “Embodyment”. Dan is a playwrite and the writer for the upcoming HMF Productions short film “Silent Breath”. “Embodyment”is an Sci-Fi/Horror Indie comic book that Dan has written and published himself. The art is done by Vasilis Saroglou and it has a life all its own.

The story when combined with this art style, can really pull you in. In my case it took me back to the writings and ideas of Richard Matheson (I Am Legend) and his work during the “Paranoid Fifties” when the threat of nuclear war was on everyone’s mind all the time.

The story so far centers around a teenager named Eric, who suddenly finds himself being more intelligent than even he realized he could be. However, just as Eric is beginning to realize what might be going on, things take a turn.

The art style with this narrative put me into a feeling of someone in an erratic state of mind trying to convey everything they need to in a short time. It drives the movement and flow of the entire first issue.I’d say it makes the first issue.

If this formula continues to be followed, Mr. Emerson could very well have a cult following for this comic. I for one can’t get over the cliffhanger of the first issue. I NEED to know what happens going forward. Too many questions that need answers already. I think we’re all in for a very fun ride with “Embodyment”.

You can get your own copy of “Embodyment” at Something From Nothing Comics for only $5.00 USD.

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