Review for “Hell’s Kitty” (2018)

“Have you ever performed an exorcism on a cat?”


Director: Nicholas Tana

Cast: Dale Midkiff, Doug Jones, Adrienne Barbeau, Ashley C. Williams, Kelli Maroney, Courtney Gains, Barbara Nedelkajova, and Michael Berryman

Review By: Amanda Blake of Horror Movie Freaks

What a purrrrrfect reason for dog lover’s to hate cats even more. I, myself, am a cat lover and have 2 of my own. This movie made me question their loyalty just a little bit more than normal.

You know how everyone always says cats are demonic, evil, and out to plot the death of humans? Well, about the same scenario here. Take a cat named angel, infuse it with a demon, and her human is a Hollywood writer looking for love. Doesn’t sound extremely menacing, right? Wrong. This pussycat has an especially terrifying bond to her human that causes lots of mayhem for him.

I went into this movie thinking “Cujo”, kitty style. Boy, was I ever wrong. I was very delightfully wrong. The cast for this movie is incredible. But, even with this amazingly star-studded film, they don’t even mount up to the real star, Angel.

It has to be rough trying to make a living in Hollywood as a writer to begin with. The trials this poor man has to go through just to get a date and have them running out screaming a short time later, makes you wonder if having a pet is worth it. I suppose if it’s possessed, that would probably be a different story and you would try to just be rid of the pet. This poor man tries over and over again to save his beloved pet to no avail.

On top of all of that, you have a friend that lives next to you and barges in whenever he feels like. He even tries to help. The humans went through hell for this seemingly innocent kitty cat.

I really did enjoy this movie. It is definitely something new, bold, and more original. The acting was awesome, how could it not be? The cat was amazing, what cat isn’t?

It’s the perfect amount of cheesiness, mixed with bad jokes, blood, and chaos. You have never seen this all-star cast like this before…well, maybe…but I can’t let you in on that one. You will have to see for yourselves and I highly suggest you do! It is a fun, furry movie that will leave you wondering, “Is my cat possessed too?”.

You will be able to catch this purrrfect piece on VOD on March 13th, and DVD on March 27th, 2018.






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