Product Review: Cali+Born Dreams CBD Gummies

Hey Freaks! Well, Scott Lake here to talk about a product my wife and I have had the chance to try.¬† CBD Gummies from Cali+Born Dreams. The gummies¬† are neon colored with a sugar granule dusting to keep them separated in the bottle, and to give you a sweet taste. Each Gummie is 10 mg of CBD. Now if you aren’t familiar with what CBD is, let me explain.

Cannabidiol or CBD is a non-psychoactive component of marijuana and can also be found in hemp. Cannabidiol will not get you “high”. It has been shown to help ease pain, as well as help people fall asleep and a number of other beneficial effects.

For my wife and I, these last four days, the CBD has helped ease various pains we have, such as the arthritis in my right knee, shoulders and elbows. It also helps us both to relax to a point that we can fall asleep.¬† The nights I’ve been taking the gummies, I’ve slept through the entire night without any interruptions (minus our barking dog).

Compared to a couple of other brands I have tried over the last year, Cali+Born Dreams’ Gummies have by far been the best product of their kind. I plan on purchasing more from them as time goes on. If the rest of their products are any reflection to the gummies, they are in a league all their own.

Cali+Born Dreams CBD Gummies


If you’re looking for something to help relieve anxiety, to help you relax, or to hopefully help ease some pain, Cali+Born Dreams’ products are a sure way to get there; without harmful synthetic chemicals and no THC. Its fully legal and I for one swear by it. So check them out and make a purchase of your own. If you haven’t tried CBD yet, these are the people to order it from.

Just click here to check out their website and to browse their shop.


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