Scott Lake

Scott Lake


Hey Freaks! I’m Scott AKA The Shinigami. I’m a horror fan from way back. First horror film was The Fly with Jeff Goldblum at a Drive-In. I was 4. Since then I’ve jist had an unending love of all things horror.


What I do at HMF: Like the others, I do a bit of everything around here. If not for the crew here though we wouldn’t be where we are. I’ve been into horror films, books, comics, games and so much more. I have a love for makeup and FX and I have a need to get into filmmaking.




My email is always open to you Freaks for any questions, concerns or if you just want to chat. If you have business like a film you want reviewed or a press kit you want us to work with you can find me at


Facebook: @scottlake2814

Twitter: @ScottLakeHMF