Review for Savage

Review By: Amanda Blake of Horror Movie Freaks

Director: Emir Skalonja

This movie starts out with a little explanation of how the world has gone into an apocalypse, a modern-day apocalypse. It’s not your typical end of the world, here come the zombies type of apocalypse either. It is a very believable scenario, where the world has gone into anarchy and people are out for themselves. In particular, you have a small group that the movie is centered on that consists of a man, pregnant woman, and their friend. On the other side you have a small group of hungry cannibals (no, not zombies, I already said that).

I love that this movie was very realistic, there was some cheesy parts, but that’s what makes a movie great. You definitely have to have those bits. The fighting even had me on edge. It was so realistic and the characters did not have unlimited stamina. You know, they have this incredible wire work fight, jumping off walls and over people, never ever get tired out, always the same. Not this movie.

The soundtrack was absolutely killer. It was a little overbearing on what dialog there was, some parts were harder to hear than others, but really did not affect the movie itself. That’s another thing, it was not filled up with a bunch of dialog that wasn’t needed. It was very straightforward.

The survival style was also awesome. You had the people that went out and scavenged for food, then you had the “others”. They preferred their food raw and bloody. I mean, if you were out on your own with no other way to eat, how are you going to eat? These guys were very resourceful. This brings me to another part, being resourceful. Another much needed piece to a good survival movie. The guy didn’t run around with a gun, with unlimited ammo (how annoying when that happens, right?). He used a knife and his fists for the most part. He grabbed what he could along the way, as you watch the hunted become the hunter.

Overall, this movie was filmed uniquely and made it one of a kind. I really enjoyed it myself. It was well done. I was left wanting to see more and hope to see more someday.

I give this movie an 8/10! It’s definitely worth a watch, especially if you’re looking for a good, violent survival movie! 

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