Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)

Cast: Paul Sorvino, Anthony Head, Alexa PenaVega

Director: Daryn Lynn Bousman


In the future you are able to “finance parts”, body parts that is. The only problem with this, is financing is “killer.” An epidemic of organ failures breaks out in the world so GeneCo comes into play with the organ replacement. In this future, people are addicted to surgery and the drugs that kill the pain, murder is sanctioned, and a girl with a serious disease is running rampant trying to find her cure. She begins to learn about the mystery of her family and gets caught up with GeneCo. Will she get her answers and more at the famous Genetic Opera?


Director Daryn Lynn Bousman brings originality, adrenaline, and fun to the horror genre with this musical horror. With a cast full of familiar faces from all genres of movies singing their hearts out throughout the course of this movie.

When the world is wrought with organ failures, Rotti Largo (Paul Sorvino) comes up with an idea that revolutionizes the world. Organ transplants. You must finance these organs, but you must question yourself first, what happens if you don’t pay up? Repo Men come to collect and it’s not money they’re after. The Repo Man (Anthony Head) comes at night, no worries though, he’ll sing about it. Meanwhile, Shiloh (Alexa PenaVega) is beginning to rebel against her jail of a home and finds herself caught up in Rotti’s grasp. He leaves little ideas with her about her mysterious family, the possibility of a cure for her disease, and wanting to see more.

This film left me watching it several times more. The music is catchy (believe me, you’ll be singing these songs for months to come), the characters are extravagant, the scenes are beautiful, and I couldn’t take my eyes away. It was blood and gore galore, but it was also fun and left me wanting more. It’s got a perfect run time of 98 minutes, not too long, not too short (regardless of me wanting more). They explain everything perfect. I, myself, did not see any plot holes that weren’t covered. I really enjoyed the comic book style additions throughout the movie that explained back stories of the characters and did I mention how beautiful the scenes are?

The last tidbit about this movie I leave to you, is the most important person in it’s creation, the person that gave birth to the music, the movie, and my personal favorite character GraveRobber, the one and only Terrance Zdunich. He worked on this movie for almost 10 years giving birth to a creation that became so beautifully horrifying.

This movie is dark, bloody, creative, and well worth a watch. Even if it’s only once! It’s a must watch in my book!


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