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This film takes place in a world that has been ravished by a virus that slowly turns the infected into zombies. Quarantine centers have been set up to take care of the infected in their final hours. The storyline follows the final days of a young lady that has been infected.

While this is a zombie film, its unlike any zombie film I have seen. Its not an in-your-face horror film, its not packed with zombies, and there is very little action….so if that is what you are looking for, you are sadly out of luck. But if you want to watch a film that goes deeper then just cheap thrills, a film that makes you think about life and death, a film that gives you a real and raw look into the darkest side of a zombie event that we all take for granted as we laugh and joke about the pending zombie apocalypse…then this film is for you!

The storyline, which I touched on earlier, is what really drives this film. We are seeing the struggles and emotions of a teenage girl that has just been infected with an incurable virus, the horror that her father goes through watching it all unfold, and the unwavering bond they share through out these darkest of days. Seeing the young girl trying to get what little joy she can from life. Truly appreciating every laugh, every smile, and every kiss. Something that we all take for granted on a daily basis. Watching this film as a father, it really hit home with me.

It brings about the question every zombie fan has answered time and time again. “What would you do if a loved one was bit?” Its an easy answer for most, due to the nature of most zombie films. But have you every really thought about the question? I mean have you ever truly stopped to think about it? Its not that simple. That’s what this film does. It makes you think. Would you spend every waking moment with your loved one? Could you end their life? Would you send them off to quarantine?

The cast did a wonderful job in their roles. Abigail Breslin(best known for Zombieland) delivered an all-around great performance, and Arnold Schwarzenegger pulled off what I feel like is his best performance. You could feel the emotion projected by both actors. Great job.

I give this film 4.5/5 rating. A truly wonderful film, that I feel like was hugely underrated. Check it out, and tell us what you think!

Stay morbid, my FREAKS!

– Josh

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