See No Evil (Retro Review)

This review is from the 2006 Issue of Morbid Media Magazine.


Candace Boyer

Director: Gregory Dark

Starring: Glen “Kane” Jacobs, Luke Pegler, Michael Wilder

“See No Evil” is the first film to be released by WWE Films and unfortunately it showed. Instead of working the character development into the virtually non-existent and ill-conceived plot, they chose to “cleverly” display each of the characters names and illegal offenses under a freeze frame of them on the screen.

Brilliant? No.

Different? Yes.

The film lacked the fright that the trailer promised with few thrills and chills. The prospect of good gore was there, but failed to deliver with multiple cutaways and poorly executed special effects. Kane played a great silent, psychotic freak…who knew? Though he only had four spoken words throughout the movie, he still played the part well.

Rating: 2/5

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