Josh Mabe

JOSH MABE – President

  • Hello, everyone! Not sure what to say. I am a huge horror fan, have been since the age of about 8-9 when i saw Child’s Play for the first time..i have have seen countless horror films, played horror games, got into special effects make-up, film-making, webmaster, and so much more.

I am really happy to be able to take part in this wonderful place called Horror Movie Freaks.

Things i do at HMF: Everything! lol, nah. Couldn’t handle doing it all alone. We have a kick ass staff here, that i am proud to call friends. But anyway, i handle  a lot of the behind-the-scenes type stuff. Like keeping the site going, webdesign, news and post updates, podcast, interviews and all that type of stuff.


Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns about anything. Or if you would like to send us a film to review, presskit, or really whatever you would like to talk about. I can be found at the following locations: