An Interview with The Scholar, Darren Kent

The streak continues…we’ve had the pleasure of talking to James Roland, the Creator of Blood Drive and Andrew Hall, the man who plays The Gentleman. Well, now I have had the pleasure of talking to Darren Kent, who portrays The Scholar on Blood Drive. Darren is an absolutely brilliant and hard working actor, director and writer and is beyond humble.

We hope you enjoy this interview and remember to tune in to Blood Drive, Wednesdays at 10:00 PM EST. on SyFy. You don’t want to miss this show or The Scholar. Well Freaks and Bleeders on to why you’re reading this.

HMF: We start our interviews with one main question. What is your favorite Horror movie? 

DK: The Saw Collection

HMF: What actor or actress was your biggest influence to act?
DK: David Jason is my favourite Actor and my inspiration. His role as Delboy in the national treasure TV show Only Fools and Horses for me, is a master piece!
HMF: What was your first passion in film? (acting, writing etc…)
DK: I have my own Film Company Harper Brothers Productions. I Write, Direct, Produce and Act so this is a difficult one, however, to star in a Block Buster or a must see TV Show, will always be my first love.
HMF: You’ve appeared in several great horror films and shorts. How do they compare to the experience on Blood Drive?
DK: My first Film I starred in was Mirrors and it will always hold a place in my heart. But after a while, you become immune to the blood and gore and the SFX and not much surprises you. Until Blood Drive! These guys took it to a whole new level. Bodies being air lifted by a crane into the engines of a car is crazy! And this is just a tiny taste of the FX Blood Drive boasts about.
HMF: Was The Scholar your first role choice for Blood Drive?
DK: I only auditioned for This role and to be honest, it suits my look to a tea! I have not played a psychopathic  mechanical genius before or a character who is so complex. He is socially messed up and very vulnerable but extremely aware of his surroundings and needed by most racers! No-one knows cars or anything technical like The Scholar!
HMF: What was the draw of the role of The Scholar for you?
DK: I read the script and thought this show is crazy! but amongst the carnage and hell was this delicate, sensitive man who loves cars more than people. He is extremely interesting and loves to be heard and have attention. He doesn’t get it often , so when he does, its a beautiful moment for him. I have played many confident roles and loud characters so for me to be able to strip all of that away was a great test for me. I absolutely love playing The Scholar
HMF: Being a part of the duo known as The Gentleman and The Scholar, you’ve spent a lot of time with Andrew Hall. What is it like working with him?
DK: Andrew Hall is a real super star. I have seen so much of his work and was super excited to work opposite him. I learnt a great deal from him and he was so supportive and warming, I relaxed almost immediately when I met him. We would hang out on our off days and really grew a bond which helped us tremendously , especially leading up to our intimate scene in episode 2 lol
HMF: Without a doubt Blood Drive’s fan base known as the Bleeders, are an intense group of fans, to say the least. What do you think of their reaction to the show and to The Scholar?
DK: The #Bleeders are awesome. I love reading about there views and seeing them second guess the storyline and where its going! I have been so lucky to have had such lovely comments about the character and my performance. All actors love feedback and I’m so grateful to James Rowland for believing in me. I love how the #bleeders feel they can relate to The Scholar and if I can make them feel sorry for me and cheer me on to win the race, then I have done my job as an actor.
HMF: Of the aired episodes at this time, what has been your favorite scene to shoot?
DK: My favourite scene to shoot? ooh there were many. In later episodes there are so many moments I adored but my scene of the series would be with Alan (Arthur Bailey) in the diner in episode 2. I have just been dumped by The Gentleman and I’m feeling very low and hurt. The Scholar expects no one to care but when Arthur sits with him and talks softly with him, he really feels amazing and humble. Its a delicate scene with comedic moments but full of heart and sole.
HMF: What can the Bleeders expect from The Scholar moving forward?
DK: #bleeders have only seen a taster of the Scholar so far! Next week, Episode 7 is a brilliant episode for the Scholar. He will shock the #bleeders, I’m sure, as the race takes a new direction in the Blood Drive. By the end of the show, I’m hoping they will all be happy with the outcome but more importantly what happens to the Scholar and the choices he has to make.
HMF: What can Darren Kent fans expect from you coming up in the future?
DK: I have many things in the pipeline. I have just finished filming on a movie directed by Lenny Abrahamson (The Room) , The award winning Short Film Sunnyboy is being turned into a feature film later in the year too which is another incredible role for me, about a boy who allergic to the Sun! This is written and  directed by the amazing Jane Gull.
In November ill be Directing a WW1 movie to mark the end of the Great War.  (next year will be the 100th anniversary) this is starring Lee Mead and Jack Roth so I’m super excited about working with these two. I’m not sure what else could pop up but the more work the better! I love my job so much and would be happy to never have a day off from it! Although my mum may have something to say about that lol
HMF: We here at HMF thank Darren Kent for giving us such a great interview. It has been a lot of fun. There is so much more coming from The Gentleman and The Scholar and I for one cannot wait to see what happens.
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