The Predator (2018) Short Review

I went into this movie knowing that it was steeped in the lore of the previous Predator Films (AVP not counted here). In that, I was happy. The Predators looked good and we got to see even more of their tech and so forth than we usually do. However, that’s where it ends on the good for me. The rest of this film felt like a poor attempt at an Action Comedy (I’m looking at you Keegan-Michael Key), that was trying just a little too hard. There was little to no element of any true horror. It felt like Action People got a book of Science Fiction tropes and just went to town.

The action held steady as it has with the previous entries in the Predator franchise. There is no fault there. The Sci-Fi holds up to the previous lore and films. There is just a lack of any real fear or suspense in the film. I even give them points for the nods to the previous films. “Get to the choppers” being one of the funnier nods. I even appreciate Jake Busey being in this one seeing as his father, Gary Busey was in “Predator 2”, alongside Danny Glover.

If you go into this film looking for a Sci-Fi Action Comedy, then you’re in the right place. If you go into this, thinking it will be anything like the first two films, You’re gonna be sadly mistaken.
Visually they did great work, the design and SFX were fantastic. I take issue with the script and the overuse of comedy in a Predator film.

Overall this gets a 2/5 from me. I suggest it to waste time, but not if you’re looking for a meaningful addition to the “Predator” story.

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