Monkey Farm: Review

Tonight I sat down and watched “Monkey Farm” from Catch Me Kill Me Productions. Directed by Ian Messenger, this docu-style found footage film, starts out a little shaky, but everyone seems to settle into their roles and they try move forward.  This particular film does something I haven’t really seen a lot of. They bring animal testing awareness to the forefront, while trying to scare you all at the same time.

Our activists start out the film interviewing experts in their fields about the harm that product testing on animals can cause. They find out about a facility where animal testing occurred, so they go to check it out and see what they can uncover. Of course, the more they find out and the more they look, the closer it gets to everything going sideways.

The film is well written and well directed, and they have a great looking cast, however its the cast that kept pulling me out of the film. The makeup and effects are solid, but its the line delivery that kept breaking the setting. I suggest giving this a watch either way. Everything this film has going for it, outweighs the little bit going against it.

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