HMF @ Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 2019, Lexington, KY

Another year and another convention for Lexington, KY’s Lexington Comic and Toy Convention. Its held every year during March at Rupp Arena and the Lexington Convention Center. In fact it started out in the Convention Center where Scarefest is held and grew so big they opened up the basketball arena for more space. What have they done with this expansion? A lot. Rupp Arena’s floor this year, held the Celebrity Row that was populated by the likes of Val Kilmer, Ryan Hurst, Billie Piper, Dogg The Bounty Hunter, Voice actors, cast from The Office and WWE Royalty. Yeah. Professional wrestling is big here. They had Sting, Kane and Dustin Rhodes (Goldust). Having the celebs there allowed them to dedicate entire areas to the Artist Alley and the Vendors booths. You had a lot of ground to cover so you weren’t ever really bored.


The Convention opened its doors at 6:00 PM Thursday and finally ended Sunday around 5 PM. I was able to attend Friday and Saturday which are almost always the biggest days of the convention. Cosplayers were out in full force as were the plain clothes fans. Everywhere you turned you saw a Ghostbuster, Spider-Man, Batman and so many other iconic characters. Don’t worry Freaks, Horror was represented as well. As soon as I got there, I ran into a Thor cosplayer who was rocking some dark hair for a change up. His cosplay was pretty damn good and it just got better (and in some cases worse) as the weekend rolled on. Now, with a convention this size, with all its foot traffic, you’d think there would be some holds up in movement. Well there was little to no traffic stops the entire time. All the space they’ve opened up cut down on the congestion. It allowed for myself and the other photographers to be able to stop cosplayers in the hall for a quick photo.

The Vendors were offering a plethora of different merch. Everything from some live steel, to a lot of polyurethane weapons. Masks, outfits, DVDs, tpoys. All kinds of fun stuff. I also found myself in Artist Alley quiet a bit looking at everyone’s art. I even ran into artist Eric Puckett of Eric Puckett Designs and Nightmare inducing artist Brett Gray of Brett Gray Art (I own an original of his). Was happy to run into an old friend who released his own comic book. Bryce Oquaye of Mad Hundreds and his partner in crime Ken Kirk. I picked up a copy of their book “Warden’s Watch” its a solid read and a great first entry into what I’ve been told is going to be a comic anthology series.

If you’re in Kentucky or the surrounding states and you’re looking for a solid spring time convention to hit up, then Lexington Comic and Toy Convention will be right up your ally. They’ve steadily progressed and gotten better each year. There is a reason they are one of the biggest conventions in Kentucky and the US. If you want to keep up with them and make sure you know when passes go on sale next year, then head over to¬†Lexington Comic and Toy Con


I look forward to going back next year and doing this all over again.



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