The Cast of Hybristophilia pt 1/2

The Cast of Hybristophilia pt 1/2


by: Stephen Ingves


Directed by: Romane Simon

Written by: Rhonnie Fordham

Lucky Strike Films Studio LLC


Great things are happening in L.A. as the “hardest working man in Hollywood” takes the industry by storm! Romane Simon has done it all from writing a novel, Red to Black (the power of love), to acting, directing, producing, stunt work, writing screenplays and more and he is merely getting warmed up as he has recently launched the annual Lucky Strike Films Festival. Romane is a man of quality. Whether it be his work in film, his novel or even his style of dress. And this attention to quality is on display front and center in Hybristophilia with this fabulous cast that he has assembled!

     The premise of the film involves an ambitious news team and their opportunity at an exclusive interview with an at large serial killer known as The Sleepy Stalker who happens to have a terrifying agenda of his/her own. Regardless if this requires the team to conduct the interview in a secluded farmhouse (which they discover was the site of a murdersuicide 30 yrs earlier and is now thought to be haunted) they just can’t pass on this chance as they seek their big break. However, as the team settles in for their exclusive, it veers from a disturbing confession to a long night of bloodshed and shocking revelations.

As much as I would love to discuss more about the film, I fear if I did there is a very good chance I would not live to see the premiereand I am very much excited for that day! But luckily for me and just as exciting, what I am especially thrilled to explore further in this two part article is this amazing cast!


     Just for starters Romane made a splash and brought in Quinton Aaron to play Tommy who is the director of the show and news team there to interview the serial killer. Tommy’s girlfriend happens to be the news teams host & journalist Mary Lee  (Jenna Willis). Quinton has enjoyed quite a busy career with appearances in 2 episodes of Law and Order before making his film debut in 2008 in Michel Gondrey’s  “Be Kind Rewind” as Q starring Jack Black, Danny Glover & Mos Def. Quinton continued his work with a made for T.V. movie, a short film and an appearance in “Fighting” with Channing Tatum and Terrance Howard. Then Quinton really gained notoriety with his portrayal of NFL player Michael Oher in John Lee Hancock’s Academy Award winning “The Blind Side” with Oscar winner Sandra Bullock & Tim McGraw. The film earned $300 million at the box office alone and received 30 nominations while winning 8 awards. Six of those nominations were for Quinton’s performance in the film. He has gone on to enjoy a great career involving 47 credits as an actor, 3 as a producer & 27 appearances as himself. Quinton followed up his work on “The Blind Side” by guest starring with Jill Scott on Law and Order SVU, guest starring in an episode of Mercy and the season finale of Harry’s Law with Kathy Bates in Apr 2011. Since then Quinton has literally been in dozens of T.V. series and films such as “Halfway”, “Hero of the Underworld” & “Greater”. You  are encouraged to follow  Quinton’s career and any upcoming  projects on Twitter @QuintonAaron  But Romane was not about to stop there and continued in his desire to bring together the perfect pieces to fulfill his vision for this project.


     One of those being the internationally successful Lilian Lev. Lilian’s character in the film Janet has unfortunately been through the worst in life which, to an extent, could possibly contribute to her reaching her breaking point. This may even lead to dangerous behavior or worse, however you will have to enjoy the film to learn more & to see where this leads. Lilian is an international star and sensation in Russia, China and around the world as an actress, singer and model originally from Russia. She is a well trained SAG & AFTRA actress with 19 credits to date as an actress, stunt woman and has captured the T.V. and film industry with leads and supporting roles in dramas, comedies and horror. Some of her work has included Mr. and Mrs. Smiththe series, “Street” and “Club Lingerie” just to name a few. Lilian has worked with stars such as Eric Roberts, Casper Smart, Mark Ryan & other well knowns in the industry. She is incredibly talented in many various facets of entertainment. Lilian has enjoyed great success as an extremely popular singer in Russia and has put this talent on display in over 50 performances as part of her tour in China. Lilian’s career includes 2 complete albums with many songs featured on iTunes, Spotify & radio stations around the world. She has also hosted the European channel “Music Box”. You can follow more from her career via Twitter @LiLianLevPage and on Instagram @lilian.lev


     The final personality to be profiled in the first part of this 2 part series is Italian born Massimiliano Furlan…aka Massi. His role as Matvey has been described as a husband with a history of domestic abuse and alcoholism. After 6 years as a chopper pilot for the Italian Army, Massi began his work in the entertainment industry as a standup comedian. When he moved to Hollywood in 2007, his abilities were quickly recognized & he was cast in the HBO pilot 1%, Days of our Lives and Terminator: Sarah Connor’s Chronicles. Things only picked up from there for Massi, accepting recurring roles on General Hospital and Criminal Minds. He also took on a few T.V. and feature film projects such as One Tree Hill, Aim High and the horror film “The Butterfly Room” opposite Heather Langenkamp. In 2012 Massi landed a role in the most anticipated film of the year….Batman – The Dark Knight Rises. His success continued with the lead in the Lifetime movie Layover (renamed Abducted for the DVD release) opposite Lauren Holly, a recurring guest star role on NCIS LA & a supporting role in the film “Blood of Redemption” with Dolph Lundgren and Billy Zane. Not about to slow down for a second, Massi played a vampire on HBO’s True Blood and in 2014 starred in an episode of Michael Bay’s The Last Ship. In 2015 he was cast in the comedy “Keeping up With the Joneses” with Zach Galifianakis. If Massi’s resume hasn’t impressed you to this point, how about we top it off with “Trafficked” opposite Ashley Judd. “Live by Night” a film based in the late 20’s in Boston starring and directed by Ben Affleck & produced by Leonardo DiCaprio as well as a role in “John Wick: Chapter 2″ due out in Feb of 2017. Follow Massi on Twitter @Massi_bos

     And that brings us right up to Hybristophilia which is set to premiere March 30th at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theater on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills. Grab your tickets in advance for only $15 or $25 at the door and enjoy the celebrity red carpet arrival at 6pm! The movie showing is at 7:30p and you don’t want to forget about the after party! Visit Hybristophilia’s Facebook and IMDb pages via the links provided below to read more about the film, it’s wonderful cast and enjoy some great behind the scenes pics! Then click on the Facebook events link or Movie Premiere image to purchase your tix!

Click the image above to see the Event Page


Thu 5:30 PM PDT · Beverly Hills, CA
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     Don’t forget to keep an eye out for part 2 of this 2 piece article profiling the rest of the cast of Hybristophilia!

     A couple behind the scenes pics of the above mentioned cast:




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