MyIndie Productions: The Beginning

You already know that the group here at HMF have a deep love for Independent Horror, and that’s why we enjoy the work our friends at MyIndie Productions¬†are doing. While HMF focuses on the Horror elements in film, television and other mediums, MIP is out there covering the entire world of independent film. Their short films have proven to be very powerful, not only in the way they’re filmed, but with every aspect. The actor’s dedicated work, the director’s attention to detail in every shot, no matter what it is, are what makes their work stand out. After viewing their work and getting to speak with Itai Guberman on an almost daily basis, it is no surprise to me that MIP will be a force in the world of Independent film.

It all started for me when I spoke to Itai, and ended up getting invited to review his short films “Dolphin” and (My personal favorite) “Third Temple”. Both were absolutely fantastic and I knew then that Itai was going places. I can’t wait to see what else they will be giving us to watch in the future, but I know it’ll be great! Now, I will be doing a more in depth piece about MyIndie, but I just had to get the name out there to our Faithful Freaks, Hop over to their site and witness the future of Indie Film for yourselves. Be sure to come back and look for the followup.

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