HMF Podcast #2: Death House Discussion Pt. 1 of 2

Hello Freaks! In tonight’s podcast we will be discussing the upcoming film DEATH HOUSE. Talking about the film, the location where it was shot & the history behind it, and the actors that will star in the film. We also have a HUGE announcement about the next podcast! So watch all the way through to catch the major info. DEATH HOUSE offers too much to put into one show, so this is part 1 of 2 in covering the film.


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Horror TV Freaks (Weekend 5/20-5/22)

Good afternoon my fellow Horror Freaks.

I am here to update you on the World of Horror: TV Edition. I am just going to run through some of the current TV shows on this weekend. We are going to have a lot of ‘Finales’ coming up so hold on tight. I promise everything will be *SPOILER* FREE.  Some of these won’t be pure horror but will contain horror elements such as Game of Thrones.

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Production Moving Quickly on Death House






Writer and Director Harrison Smith(pictured above) talked about the production efficiency in the making of his new film DEATH HOUSE on his Twitter account a little bit today.  Smith says shooting for the film started on April 4th, and wrapped in just 19 days. That’s impressive! He also followed up by saying that they should have a rough assembly cut finished by May 15th, and can then movie on to final editing.

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@HarrisonSmith85 @DeathHouseMovie


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Hello everyone, just giving you a little bit of a heads up on how the podcast is coming along. Right now we are in pre-production and getting everything squared away. Working on the YouTube channel now, doing test audio and getting content together. So look out for the official podcast coming very soon!

Stay morbid, my FREAKS!

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Welcome to HMF!

Hello FREAKS! Welcome to the main site of the best horror group on Facebook. We are extremely proud to bring this site to you as we grow and expand our reaches in the horror community. We couldn’t have done it without your support, so from the bottom of our dark little hearts here at HMF, we thank you!

Now, if you will hit that Read More button I will explain some of our features and what we have instore for the future of HMF.

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INTERVIEW: Ari “FirstJason” Lehman



Horror Movie Freaks is proud to present the ONE, the ONLY, THE FIRST JASON HIMSELF, ARI LEHMAN!
ARI: Greetings Horror Movie Freaks!

ZACK: You’ve been involved in a lot of underground horror projects as well as mainstream horror cinema…you have a style and persona that goes against the grain and you really have set your own path in your music and cinema career in a way that’s pretty admirable in my opinion as to not taking the easy way out and going mainstream…. what are your key inspirations and maybe idols that you look up to?

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